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Computer Shopper  12 issues

Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper Magazine is the tech buyers bible with 1000s of direct manufacturer deals for hardware, software, printers & peripherals.
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Smart Computing  12 issues
Smart Computing

Smart Computing Magazine helps users of all skill levels stay up-to-date and improve their PC productivity. It provides easy-to-follow tutorials that cover hardware, software, internet, and troubleshooting issues. Features include product reviews and much more, all in a plain-English writing style that you won't find anywhere else.
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Computer Power User  12 issues

Computer Power User

Computer Power User Magazine is an innovative publication written especially for computer power users, from IT professionals to at-home technology extremists. CPU delivers a functional mix of high-tech news, hard-edged reviews and performance-enhancing tips for people who love digital technologies. 12 issues. Only $2.42 per issue. That is 59% off.

Transitions Abroad Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad Magazine is a bimonthly guide to practical information on affordable alternatives to mass tourism: living, working, studying, hotels or vacationing alongside the people of the host country. For 23 years, Transitions Abroad has provided readers with carefully selected resources for the independent minded traveler which offer the alternative travel community access to the information essential to a successful international experience.
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Travel America  6 issues

Travel America

Travel America is the magazine about travel, hotels, sightseeing, events, adventure and exploration within the United States.
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